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On this blog, I run multiple offers and services that anyone can purchase from me for a small fee. You can contact me at if you are looking for more information.

Poetry: Do you need some way to say ‘I love you’ to someone? Something written for a birthday, or a funeral? Or do you just want something special written? I will write you poetry on demand for any occasion. $10 for 1-20 lines, $12 for thirty or more.

Short stories: Are you looking for a birthday gift? Perhaps a gag gift for someone moving away? I am able to write short stories about whoever you choose, in whatever situation. $15 for 1000 words, $25 for 2000 and upwards.

If you would like these physically mailed to you, I am able to take requests. This will be an extra cost based on how the presentation is laid out, and the postage cost. Email me for more information.

Donations: Like what you read? I would be most grateful for any donations you’d like to send. I’m writing this for you guys.

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